Intimate in-Home Boudoir: Missy

For Missy’s boudoir session this winter, we wanted to mix it up with something fresh, yet cozy. When I saw the light in my bedroom that week, I thought YES! I’m all about decorating with as much white, clean space as possible, so she headed up to my little house north of Seattle for some understated, minimalism boudoir.


Winter Wedding in Snohomish: Kelsey + Todd

My last wedding of 2018 featured two of the sweetest humans to ever step in front of my camera. These two are such caring, thoughtful, and fun loving individuals - and I knew their wedding was going to be a blast. The genuine love they have for each other was reflected in every little interaction they shared: from their tearful first look, to their heartfelt vows, to the details they included, like Kelsey’s vintage prayer book from her grandmother, and of course the rockin’ Hawaiian shirts that showed up on the dance floor! They’re a couple of down-to-earth parrot heads that happen to be the epitome of not only hospitality, but elegance. Such a fabulous way to end the year!


Hood Canal Engagement Session: Dillon + Bekkah

When Bekka and Dillon started planning their engagement session, they knew their parents property near the Hood Canal might be the perfect place. After taking a look at several options around the PNW, we decided that there’s no place like home. We got to explore forests and beaches, and even had to do a little Indiana-jonesing to get onto a sunken dock for the perfect morning light. One of the reasons I just love areas near the Olympic Peninsula like this is because of the awesome variety there is. No two beaches look the same, but they’re usually near mountains, forests, and sometimes even waterfalls! This little part of the earth featured the most enchanted looking trails. Can’t wait for these two to tie the knot at Mountain Spring Lodge this summer!


North Cascades Adventure Engagement: Erica + Claude

Ok buckle up ya’ll cause I could only narrow this session down to 30 blog images. These two are just too precious to my little heart and I can’t wait for their big day this summer in Wenatchee.

I have known Erica since we were five years old. She and her family are a part of mine. From dressing up and sleepovers to forts in the woods to taping her sister into two pillow-filled laundry baskets and throwing her down the stairs (normal children). Hundreds of hours of Girl Scouts followed by coug life at WSU, dads weekends with our wild fathers - a long way from "trying” Wild Turkey bourbon (our dads saying yeah stick your finger in there kids! Tasted like turpentine to us) and chatting on AIM. We even had a duo-control-system going for our favorite rocket ship computer game, complimented perfectly by chocolate milk, root beer, and 10,000 cookies. Probably a good 50% of my total memories involve this amazing woman.

When Claude stepped into the picture with his chest-length hair and easy going attitude, at first we were like ok..????? And within moments we were like OKAY!!! Together they are the perfect balance of fun and chill, adventurous and creative, free-wheeling and accomplished. Claude has since cut his hair, they’ve adopted the adorable Lily and Louie (German Shepherd and Cat, respectively), and started a life all their own. My dad is officiating their wedding this summer. Time to get ordained!!

We ventured up to the Mount Baker National Forest at sunset to get some golden shots of them doing what they do best, adventuring. These two have a lifetime of adventures ahead, and it truly feels like the beginning of a new era. Love you both.


Downtown Seattle Engagement Session: Jackie + Jeff

I swear its the summer where like, the rest of my friends get married. All the singletons except me finally tying the knot, and these two are no exception. Their wedding in Suncadia at Swiftwater Cellars is going to be AMAZING. For their engagement session, they wanted to stay close to home, which I love. I think its so special to be able to document this little snapshot of a moment in time - no kids, just you, your honey, and the city in your own way. We started off at their apartment in Lower Queen Anne, then meandered toward Seattle center, playing tourists in our own city. We had to stop for coffee of course, took a moment with the fall leaves, and strolled all over their sweet little neighborhood. Perfection.


Seattle Beach Engagement Session: Caitlin and Ben

Caitlin and Ben couldn’t have picked a better day for their engagement session: the sun was out in Seattle, the tide was low (for once) and since it was pretty chilly, we had the whole place to ourselves! Of all the times I’ve shot on the beach in Seattle, I’ve never seen the tide out this far! Forget soft white sand though - this beach with the tide out will remind you more of the black sand beaches of Hawaii! Of course, this engagement session involved a little hiking (in heels no less!), and a whole lot of galavanting in the winter sunlight.


Washington Coast Engagement Session: Lauren + Josh

For Lauren and Josh’s engagement session, we knew we needed something spectacular. These two are a true modern romance: meeting online while Josh was visiting the PNW, then doing two years long distance while he lived in Yakima. Their love story involves many nights on the phone up till 3 am, and millions of text messages before they could move to the same city. Josh loves Lauren’s confidence and sense of self, and Lauren is in love with Josh’s hardworking spirit and of course, his dance moves! They both love slow mornings making breakfast together and just enjoying each other’s presence. Their wedding this fall at Salish Lodge is sure to be one of the most romantic.


Seattle Arboretum Engagement Session: Molli + Jordan

Molli and Jordan’s engagement session was on just about the chilliest fall day we had in Seattle this year. It was perfect timing for the ultimate fall color in the Seattle Arboretum. Have you been to the Arboretum? Its a few square miles of gorgeous foliage not too far from the University of Washington. It features a botanical garden and a centuries-old aqueduct bridge that feels like you’re in ancient European ruins. Its one of the best hidden gems in Seattle and its right in the city!


Bluff Top Trail Maternity Session: Nina + Stevie

Last time I was down in Southern California, I had the opportunity to do a maternity session with the adorable Nina and Stevie, who were getting ready to welcome their baby girl, Eve! We met at the arches at the Bluff Top Point Trail one of the foggiest days I have ever seen in my life! We couldn’t see the ocean at all when we met that morning, but as the day went on, it did clear a bit. Bluff Top Trail is right near Dana Point in Orange County, and is part of a huge historical site from when Dana Point Harbor first started up! The houses were gorgeous, but the views of Dana Point were even better (when the fog wasn’t blocking them!) After the Bluff Top Trail, we headed down to Dana Point Harbor itself, and then made a quick pit stop down at Baby Beach (perfectly named for the occasion). Since this session, baby Eve has made her arrival and is as sweet as could be! Congrats Nina and Stevie!


Dana Point Intimate Wedding: Jenn & Sam

When your pledge sister from college tells you she’s having her wedding at the absolutely gorgeous Laguna Hills Courthouse, just down the street from Dana Point in Orange County, you get those plane tickets booked ASAP. How can you tell Jenn is my kind of bride? See below: TWO wedding jumpsuits, a bottle of Dom Perginon doing it’s own boudoir session with her grandmother’s vintage pearls, red cup toasts in the bridal suite, and a fifth of bourbon in place of a bouquet. This wedding was so, perfectly, characteristically, Jenn and Sam. From Pac-12 football references during the speeches, to pre-wedding Chik Fil A, I could never imagine her getting married any other way.

Dana Point in and of itself is an absolute dream. We posted up at the Marriott, which featured views of the bay and perfectly golden sunsets. Another bonus: saw about 350 dogs just during bridal portraits alone. We were only mildly distracted. Southern California, I just love you. Can’t wait to go back!

Downtown Seattle Engagement Session: Alex + Stephanie

Right now I’m sitting in a coffee shop writing this just steps from where we did this darling engagement shoot with Stephanie and Alex! They wanted something that reflected the city they love, Seattle. We met at Specialty’s Bakery downtown, and from there walked through downtown to Pioneer Square! I actually just parked my car near these rooftop shots only moments ago, before I head to shoot a courthouse elopement on this sunny Tuesday afternoon. I can’t believe its January, and it was late fall when we did these engagement shoots as well! Seattle, especially downtown, has been so sunny lately!


Auburn Newborn Session: Peyton Kari

Little Miss Peyton is finally here! I photographed her parents wedding at Rosehill Community Center back in 2014, and four years later, here she is! Sam and Nick, her parents, adopted the darling and fluffy Dallas in that time frame, and he’s pictured below as well. Peyton is such a little cutie! I had an extended family session with Sam and Nick this December and Peyton managed to look at the camera in just about every shot!


Olympic National Rainforest Waterfall Engagement: Taylor + CJ

A few months ago, I got an email from a fellow photog named Becca. She was sending her friends my way to the Olympic National Rainforest and wanted to gift them with a photo shoot. I was so excited to hear they were interested in visiting Marymere Falls for their session! They had spent the whole weekend exploring everything the Pacific Northwest had to offer, from the Seattle ferries to the coast. Full disclosure, Taylor and CJ are actually married and have a little baby girl named Winter at home! Can you believe they’ve been married nine years? Their connection was truly undeniable, you can just tell how much trust and appreciation they have for each other. Trekking through the rainforest with them and their friends was a fabulous adventure.


Ruby Beach Engagement Session: Sheila + Nick

If you’ve been to the Oregon or Washington Coast, you know all about the beautiful rock formations that line the shore. From Cannon Beach in Oregon all the way up to Port Angeles, the dark jaggy rocks stick out like ruins of old castles. When I visited Portugal in 2017, it was like seeing the golden older brother of these formations in Lagos: giant blonde fortresses dot the shores on the southern coast of the country.

Sheila and Nick but went to WSU with me back in the day, and its been amazing to see the journey they've been on ever since. They live down the street from me now right north of Seattle, and their wedding is sure to be a full blown coug party.

Sheila’s family has a beach house on the coast in Kalaloch, not that far from Ruby Beach, and we explored some other hidden gem beaches on our way to Ruby. I was lucky enough to get to stay the night with them on the coast, and Sheila’s mom made us minestrone soup! Sheila and Nick are not only a blast to shoot with, but it doesn't get more fun than draining a bunch of truly’s and reliving our college glory days while the ocean roars outside.


Deception Pass Engagement Session: Jordyn + Austin

Jordyn and Austin… one of my most fun and sweet couples this year. Lately I’ve been obsessed with their puppies on Jordyn’s Insta story. They are the cutest little puffs! Jordyn and Austin chose Deception Pass for their engagement session, which features some of the most stunning views the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Deception Pass is a little strait that connects the Skagit Sea with the Strait of Juan De Fuca. The bridge connects Whidbey Island to Fidalgo Island. Its a gorgeous state park, not too far from Rosario Beach and all Whidbey Island has to offer.

After a little hike under the bridge, we crossed it to look out toward the Salish sea. We then hiked down toward the beach, explored a little, and they even got in the water! These two are tying the knot in Central Washington and its sure to be a blast!

The Landing at Tyee Wedding: Hailey + Matt

Getting butterflies just thinking about this wedding all over again. After selecting the images for this blog, I’m thinking shit, I really should text Hailey and see if they want to hang out! You know those couples that are just so cool that you’re like uhhh can I join your marriage? That was Matt and Hailey to a T. Even their engagement session was stylishly fantastic! These two have been together for just about ever and you can see how excited they were to finally be making it official. Hailey and her bridesmaids got ready in a quirky lil Airbnb house in Queen Anne - how fun are her bridesmaid’s dresses? They’re two pieces!

Their ceremony and reception were hosted at the Landing at Tyee on Lake Union, formerly the Seattle Yacht Club. Their day was full of classic, elegant glamour. They opted to have their first look be walking down the aisle, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Matt’s dad was their officiant! After their formal pictures, Matt had to shuck and shoot a raw oyster at their raw oyster bar, and at their first dance, Hailey dipped Matt for their grand finale. Dancing overtook the whole group after dinner, and their friends from all over the country joined in the party. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for these two lovebirds.


The Orchard at Sunshine Hill Wedding: Alyssa + Daniel

I freakin love my family. I’m so lucky to be related to these awesome people. Alyssa is my cousin and we are almost exactly six months apart. When Daniel first showed up on the scene a few years ago, everyone was instantly like oh here we go! The second you’re in the same room as them, you can just feel their connection. They got married in September at The Orchard at Sunshine Hill near Chelalis, Washington. My extended family from Salt Lake City even flew in! If you scroll down, you can see a sneaking picture of my parents dancing during the reception. So much cuteness on this day my little heart can’t take it! I’m happy Daniel is officially in the family so there’s someone who cries as much as me… ;) Daniel and Alyssa are having a little baby girl named Gracie Jean this spring and I couldn’t be more excited!


Golden Gardens Engagement Session: Tori + Colin

Remember when we had all that crazy smoke in the air this summer? Seattle’s air quality was actually rated worst in the country! The smoke from British Columbia rolled in from the north and fires in the Cascades blew in smoke from the east, so Seattle was a post-apocalyptic looking nightmare zone. As nasty as the smoke was, WOW did it make some glorious sunsets. The light all day was just peachy, soft, and gorgeous. I’d trade the smoke for our typical fresh clean air any day, but it was definitely easy to make the most of the hazy light.

Tori and Colin found their engagement session planned for just such a smoky day, and we headed down to Golden Gardens just as the sun dipped lower over the water. They danced in the waves and of course, made a beach bonfire. I can’t wait for these two to get married in June!


Seattle Waterfront Wedding: Heather and Corey

Remember these two mermaids from last august? They got married in in Costa Rica last summer, but when they came home to Seattle they knew they needed to do something special with family and friends. Their Seattle reception was hosted at The Landing at Shilshole Bay and their family and friends from near and far were in attendance. Since their beachfront wedding was more casual, Heather wore an elegant beaded and headpiece for the Seattle reception.

Heather and Corey got ready at the Marriott in Downtown Seattle, and after a sunny first look near the ferry terminal at the waterfront, they headed to the Landing at Shishole Bay to meet friends and family. The Landing was filled with the most personal touches, including a slideshow of their Costa Rica wedding. Dinner was surf and turf, followed by toasts, cake, and of course, dancing. Heather switched from heels to glittering metallic vans, and she and Corey danced the night away.


Anacortes Garden Wedding: Paige + Tyler

Its true, I pretty much fall in love with all my couples, and these two were no exception. They are the sweetest, most fun, in love and downright COOL people. Ty wore a printed dog shirt to their engagement session! Paige has done a Ted Talk!! Their cat's name is NIPPLES. So yeah, they crack me up and they are a blast and a half. For their wedding, Paige never imagined wearing a ballgown, but once she popped one on, she couldn’t resist. On the absolute rainiest day in June, she was a perfect woodland princess in the middle of a torrential downpour.

Despite the rain, Paige and Ty were able to do their personal vows during their first look. This special moment in the forest, surrounded by rain, tall trees, and gorgeous flowers, was one of the most intimate moments I’ve seen in 5 years of doing weddings. Since it was raining cats and dogs, the ceremony was moved inside the rustic old barn, with a backdrop of white gauzy fabric shielding from the weather outside. A sweet receiving line, taco dinner, and dance party followed. Paige is an 80s music aficionado, and there was no shortage on their playlist. Overall, it was an exciting, personal, and celebratory day.