Adriana + Noah: Winter Wonderland Snoqualmie Pass Engagement

This couple is very near and dear to my heart. Adriana and I have known each other for about seven years and I still remember her and Noah first getting to know each other like it was yesterday. From toga parties back in the day to home-cooked meals at their adorable Queen Anne apartment (I'm obsessed with their plants), they have run the gamut. 

If you know Adriana, you know she is the sweetest person on earth with the biggest heart. We're all beyond stoked that she found someone like Noah to match her awesomeness. They are basically the ultimate power couple - they could easily kick your ass but are much more likely to invite you to a philanthropy event and Thai food. I COULD. NOT. BE. More excited for their wedding. And for future lil mini Noahs and Adrianas!

For some wintery engagement pics, we hiked up to a popular snowshoeing destinaish east of Seattle. We did not have snowshoes, and subsequently found ourselves plodding around through snowbanks up to our knees. We all fell in holes, but Noah fell in the biggest one. Pictures included below!