The Herzogs: Winter in Style

When you’ve got kids in tow, the MO is the quicker, the better. The Herzog family met me in Seattle for a mini session and even though you can’t tell in the pictures, it was only about 32 degrees! With these little cuties though, I had my work cut out for me. How sweet are everyone’s coats? I’m also in love with McKenna’s white boots. I do still have space for some fall and winter family sessions, so shoot me an email today to get yours booked before Christmas!

Brett + Malia: Lake Cushman Engagement Session

If you're from the Pacific Northwest, you know it has about a billion hidden gems tucked away between the Cascades and the Olympics. Lake Cushman is one of such places. When Brett, Malia, and I met last spring, we knew the weather would not be reliable. Luckily for us, the weather decided to be romantic. We got a little snow, a little rain, and even a little hail for Brett and Malia's engagement session. Lake Cushman really knows how to put on a show! This was truly one of my favorite engagement sessions, maybe of all time. How amazing is Malia's dress? I love recommending flowing fabrics that offer a lot of movement for engagement shoots. There's something a extra romantic and dramatic about skirts billowing in the wind.

Lake Cushman is a great place for an adventure, rain or shine. If rain, or worse, is in the forecast for your engagement session, don't even worry. The drama it adds to a session is totally worth a little chill in the air. All the better reason to get extra close, right?

Brett and Malia are getting married in HAWAII in March. We’ll be trading these rainy mountains for some sunny beaches!


Leanne: Lacy Seattle Boudoir

One of the best things about boudoir photography is the sense of empowerment it can bring you. That was 100% the move with Leanne’s session in Pioneer Square. This mama (literally she has an 8 year old, talk about goals), was fierce from the moment she hopped in front of the lens. These pictures were just for her, to celebrate the amazing woman that she is. Seeing her own it from the first frame was inspiring, and I can’t wait to work with her again!


Nathan + Mackenzie: Rattlesnake Lake Engagement Session

Looking for the quintessential Pacific Northwest engagement session? That's gonna for sure involve rain, moss, a little hike, a dog, and a whole lotta love. Mackenzie and Nathan covered all the bases at their engagement session at Rattlesnake Lake. How cute is Mackenzie's Great Dane Molly? She really is the sweetest girl. At first, Mackenzie and Nathan were worried we might get rained out, but their session is a great example of why NOT to cancel because of rain. Haven't you seen The Notebook?? The rain scene is like the most romantic part! To up the romance, just add rain. 

This day was wild because we had already had so much rain in the PNW - pretty much everyone knows about Rattlesnake Lake. Its the one with the cool tree growing out of a tree stump in the middle of the lake. Sometimes you can walk or wade out to it, but when we got there it was completely under water! The lake had even started rising past the grass in the park! These two stuck it out though, and I'm so glad they did! Can't you just feel their love in these images? I'm so excited to see where life takes these two!


Kendall: Yoga Inspired Boudoir

After two beyond amazing yoga-inspired boudoir sessions with Kendall, I'm pretty sure we're about to make this a bi-annual event. Kendall is a yoga instructor based out of San Diego, and when she makes it up to Seattle, its boudoir time! One thing that I love about boudoir sessions is that you have the opportunity to make it totally your own. For Kendall, that means embracing her inner yogi and bringing some seriously sexy vibes to our boudoir session. Don't worry, you don't need to be able to perform a handstand to have a fire boudoir session. But it sure doesn't hurt!


Savannah + Dustin: In-Home Seattle Engagement

HIDDEN. HILL. Is there any place more magical on Earth? Spoiler: there ain't. Savannah (tall golden goddess, possessor of perfect handwriting, and my very best friend in the world) grew up here, and by proxy, I did too. Hidden Hill is her charming childhood home on Shadow Lake, near Maple Valley, WA. We spent countless hours bouncing around on the old trampoline, chasing chickens in the back yard, and even making igloos on snow days. Every corner of Hidden Hill has a little spark of magic or mystery, whether its the tiniest decorative chair tucked in a windowsill, or a collection of toy rats over the water filter. It was the perfect place for adventures to begin. And what better setting for Savannah and Dustin's first engagement session. Yes I did two. Sorry but she's my best friend and I'm obsessed with her face.

I won't wax too much more poetic on Savannah and Dustin, 1. because I'll cry in this coffee shop and 2. because I'm saving it for my maid of honor speech. Let's just say when you find someone as perfect for you as Savannah and Dustin are for each other, you marry them. Like instantly. I don't know how these two have lasted this long without getting married honestly. Its been like 4 years. 5 WEEKS TIL MY FAVORITES GET MARRIEEDDDD.


Paige + Ty: Bellingham Engagement Session

Holy SMOKES - how is everyone else handling this hazy summer? Not being able to go outside much right now is absolutely killing me. I'm ready to run away to a smoke free zone! Anyone know of any? Who's got an extra couch? Honestly I'm even scared to let my cats outside, just imagining their little cat lungs and all this toxicity! Fire season needs to not be a thing. Summers were like the last good thing about Seattle!

This wedding season has been completely wild, as you may be able to tell. Emails are taking a little longer to respond to these days, and I'm sorry for that! Wedding season is kind of just a hang-on-to-your-britches til end of September time. I'm pretty much in a black hole of editing from here until Halloween. Speaking of which, my plan right now is to dress up as a sexy version of the Dude from The Big Lebowski. No one copy me. Or do, and send me pictures! 

The next wedding up for delivery belongs to these two, so what better time to share their engagement session? We met up in Bellingham and wandered all over the Chuckanut Drive area. Bellingham was gorgeous, and we only got rained on for a fraction of the session. And if you know me, you know I love a few drips here and there to add to the romance. 

One thing Bellingham does better than just about anywhere else on the west coast is an edge-of-the-world vibe. You can totally see it here as Paige and Ty look out across Samish Bay. With the wind whipping against the rocks and the trees swaying, we were able to create the quintessential Pacific Northwest romance session. 

Its been my goal to spend some more time this fall up north near Bellingham, the Chuckanuts, and Samish bay. Leave a comment below if you have any recommendations for some up-north activities!

Love always,



Hailey + Matt: Rainy Seattle Engagement

You know those couples where you pull a Step Brothers like DID WE JUST BECOME BEST FRIENDS? Maybe I'm a creep but that's me with these two. We braved the constant Seattle drizzle to bop all over Magnolia for this ultra-romantic engagement session. Don't they just look like the most timeless pair ever? I swear these photos look like they could be from just about any era. It doesn't hurt that they totally had the giggles, Matt kept Hailey laughing the whole time. I can't wait for their wedding next month! It's going to be a smoke show just like them.


Janie + Francis: Mount Si Engagement

Hey guys! (Why do I always feel like a youtuber when I start a post that way?) Summer is just about underway and of course in Seattle that means surprise rain. I am so ready for it to be hot and miserable for a few months! Am I the only one who secretly loves being in a sweaty tank top driving around with the AC on? Either way, I'm headed to LA next month so its sure to be a scorcher down there.

This last weekend was the first big boy weekend for my wedding season. Two weddings as lead photographer, and my associate BreeAnna down in Enumclaw taking care of a third! The first of the weekend was Janie and Francis, who powered through the rain with style and grace. Their engagement session on the other hand, was a misty, sunny paradise. Their gallery seriously looked like they were ready to start an indie folk duo. If you add their adorable dogs to the mix, you've got a family band.

Janie, Francis, the dogs and I all met in North Bend so we could catch the alpenglow of Mount Si. Mount Si has become an increasingly popular request from my couples in the past year. The key to an awesome Mount Si session? You've gotta know all the secret spots :) Sometimes that involves a little extra driving (over massive potholes), or narrowly avoiding a giant elk herd (typical North Bend problems), but as you can see, in the end its worth it.

Have you ever spent any time in North Bend or hiking Mount Si? Mailbox Peak is forever the popular girl but Little Si is another favorite of mine. Comment your favorite North Bend hike if you have one to recommend!


Jordan + Matt: Alki Beach Engagement

Happy Friday everyone! Was it just me or did this week fly by? It must have been since it was a four-day work week after Memorial Day. I was lucky enough to hang out in Palm Springs with some of my best friends this last weekend. It was a weekend of 100 degree weather, Italian food, hard sparkling water (Have you guys tried those? Holy shit they're deadly in the best way), and copious amounts of sunscreen. 

Coming at ya on the blog today is Jordan and Matt's engagement session from last fall. Yeaaaah I'm obviously a little behind on the blogging train :) These two got started on Alki Beach, not far from their house where they live with the cutest little dog and kitten. We were hoping for some Seattle skyline views, but we actually got some super romantic fog instead. I am ALL ABOUT fog for engagement sessions. Maybe I'm biased, but Seattle can be home to some damn good fog. The sun did come say hello toward the end of our session together, once we headed up the hill from Alki to Hamilton Viewpoint to pop some champagne.

Jordan and Matt have the kind of connection where you can tell that underneath it all, they're the best of friends. Whether they're rooting on the cougs together or appreciating all Alki has to offer, its obvious they always have the best time. I can't wait for their wedding at Edgewater in Gig Harbor next month!


Springtime Romance Wedding

Back in October, I was able to partner with the amazingly talented design and planning company, Juliet + Lou, on this sunny dahlia farm styled shoot. Even though it was already autumn, the dahlias were still so radiant, and it just screams spring to me. Now that spring has officially sprung in Seattle, I thought it would be the perfect time to share :) 

Working with this amazing group of women was truly a dream. If you're getting ready for a Seattle-area wedding or elopement, do not hesitate to contact these ladies:

Planning + Styling: Juliet + Lou
Venue + Florals: Dandy Flower Co.
Rentals: Fanciful Rentals + Pedersen Event Rentals
Paper Goods: Libby Tipton
Makeup Artist: Makeup With Me
Hair: Holly Tipp
Model: Holly Deierling
Dress: Houghton NYC via The Dress Theory Seattle

This styled shoot was also featured on Utterly Engaged! Click here to see their feature.

Fun fact: This dahlia farm is only a few blocks from where I grew up in Maple Valley, WA! Danielle of Dandy Flower Co. grows the most beautiful flowers you have ever seen, and is a 425 rising star to boot! Not only did she and I both grow up in Maple Valley, but so did the Juliet and Lou team, Hannah and Elsa! It was so great to find ourselves in our own backyard, doing what we love, and each actively pursuing our dreams as business owners. 


Tarah + Zach: Franklin Falls Engagement Session

Tarah, Zach and I met up on what turned out to be a super chilly morning this fall. As fate would have it, Tarah won a session giveaway (follow on insta for future giveaways!), and Zach proposed that weekend! Their proposal was at the top of a stunning mountain-peak hike, so we knew we had to find something amazing to keep on-track with their adventurous themed engagement season. 

As we chattered our way up to the falls, we talked about how we had crossed paths. Tarah and I went to high school together, and Zach and I had lived across the street from each other in college. But they didn't even meet until we all had returned from college! Now these two love nothing more than heading out with their hiking boots and coming home to their adorable cats.

Franklin Falls is one of the most sought-after hikes on the I-90 corridor, and it was as crowded as you would expect on a sunny Sunday. We dodged the freezing cold spray and several squirrely kids to get some shots that reflected the excitement and romance these two have for each other. I love how they share a passion for the outdoors, and wish them a zillion more years of exploring together. 


Georgina + Dylan: Swiftwater Cellars Winery Wedding

Like Dylan, I met Georgina at WSU. She is absolutely a fun-loving, caring, sincere, encouraging individual. It's so easy to see all the qualities in her that Dylan fell in love with. Also, with both of them being coug fans, there was no way this wedding wasn't going to be a blast. Swiftwater Cellars in Cle Elum, Washington, was the perfect place to bring their friends and family from all over the world to start the celebration. 

Georgina and Dylan each got ready surrounded by friends in next door "cabins" (these aren't your typical Girl Scout cabins), near Swiftwater. Scout the dog was front and center for the process. After a romantic first look overlooking the Cle Elum river at Suncadia, we headed back to the winery for the ceremony. Their vows were full of both laughter and tears, and they created their own blended rosé to symbolize their union. 

Their reception was full of touches that were so personal to them. And of course, being cougar football game night, the game was projected right next to the bar to celebrate each touchdown (and you know we won!) The dance party was absolutely wild, and Georgina's dad lead the way with some killer moves. Cougs know how to party, but these two took it to the next level. These two have so much love not only for each other, but for their family and friends coming together. Their wedding really set the stage for some amazing adventures to come.


Katie + Brian: Seattle City Hall

Last year, Katie had the whole big wedding planned for March 2018. One day in July, she called me up and said "I'm canceling everything. We're going to the courthouse". I about jumped for joy because I LOVE the Seattle courthouse and I am also a huge fan of super intimate weddings. There's something so special about having just your closest family and friends around you as you make the most personal promises of your life. 

Katie and Brian's Seattle Courthouse wedding was on the sunniest day in September, and it started at their home in Bonney Lake that they share with their three boys, Madden, Kasen and Parker. Cashew the fat orange cat was also part of the fun. Katie had written a special letter for her son Madden, and it was the sweetest moment. 

On the Seattle courthouse rooftop, the entire Puget Sound was stretched out glittering all the way to the Olympics. The skyline shone gold and a breeze was in the air. Then, you guys, ring. bears. Not ring-bearers. See for yourselves. I about died.

After some very special vows, we explored the city before Katie and Brian's reception. The whole day, you could just feel the genuine love they have for each other and their total excitement to finally be married. I'm so excited to see where the future takes them and their families.


Heidi + Travis: Rustic Cle Elum Wedding

After two amazing engagement sessions, (at Discovery Park and Artists' Point), Travis and Heidi's wedding had a lot to live up to. Man, did they blow it out of the water. Their wedding at the Cattle Barn in Cle Elum, Washington, was equal parts rustic, classic, and elegant. The antique farmhouse and huge indoor barn are nestled in the foothills of the cascades, surrounded by forests and tall fields. We thought we might be cutting in close, since wildfires had blown through a week prior, but the smoky haze drifted away as we pulled in and we were left with a clear, golden day. 

This wedding was full of gorgeous seasonal florals and greenery, but the sincerity and romance of Heidi and Travis' love still outshone the delicate and thoughtful decor. Heidi and Travis are true adventure seekers, and their passion for exploring was reflected in every detail. The speeches at dinner told stories of whitewater rafting, igloo building, and hiking, and the authentic Mexican meal was complemented perfectly by a mason-jar margarita bar! 

When planning your wedding, don't forget to think outside the box.  Not everyone would travel hours outside the Greater Seattle Area to host an event in a barn in the middle of cattle fields, but Heidi and Travis knew it was just the place to bring their friends and family to party in the late September sun. The beauty of the Pacific Northwest is that we have the opportunity to drive only a few hours in direction and be in the heart of the forest, the mountains, or amber fields like Heidi and Travis did. As they danced the night away, the stars were thousands of times brighter than they would have been back in the Seattle area.  

These two have many adventures ahead of them. I can't wait to see where the future will take them.


Smith Family: Discovery Park Family Session

If you're a part of the Seattle blogger world, you know about Obsessed by Portia. This flax haired, travel oriented mama is the resident expert on all things vacation and style. We captured the end of summer in this golden session in Discovery Park in Seattle. 

I absolutely love doing family sessions during the lazy days of summer in a fun, open place where kids can just run around and be kids. Family portrait sessions in the park are the perfect way to capture all the joy of the age that your little one at the age they are in the moment. Not to mention, how about updating those walls? Images created at family portrait sessions are the perfect opportunity to update the decor in your home, to reflect the love and joy that you share every day.

Canvases, prints, and albums are all available to order right from your online gallery when you book a family session. Shipped straight to your door, the process couldn't be easier. Don't let these short, sweet days slip by without taking the time to record just how special they are.


Jenna + Taylor: Wahclella Falls Engagement Shoot

Jenna, Taylor and I met several years ago in college at Washington State. They now live outside of Portland in Vancouver in the cutest little house on the block. For their engagement session, we knew we needed to find a place that was something extra special. Wahclella Falls, about 40 minutes outside of Portland, was the perfect spot for their engagement session. Wahclella Falls is just a short hike from the trailhead, and its not too far before you reach some stunning views. 

Some couples might be concerned about whether or not they can get a sunny day for their session. As you can see, no sun is needed for a super romantic session, especially with such a stunning location like Wahclella Falls. We even got a little misty when we were down at the base of the falls but it only added to the romantic feelings of the day. 

After we explored the falls, we walked down the trail and discovered the cutest little river scene. Jenna led the way, and we saw some mini-waterfalls that we couldn't resist. On our way out we saw a river that also looked great - it was freezing cold but Jenna and Taylor were up for the challenge! Afterward, we decided that a stop at Burgerville was in order. Have you guys heard of this place? I would die for one up in Seattle. Seriously one of the best burgers I've ever had. Between the burgers and the waterfalls, I would say that another trip toward Portland is in the works. 

Ali + Alex: Rock Creek Gardens Wedding


Ali and Alex had a vision for their wedding that was totally them: 1920s glam. From Ali's art-deco inspired dress to their vintage style half moon photo booth, the entire day was a fabulous affair. 

I met Ali more than 10 years ago when we were both in high school drama club. She was a true leader of our rag-tag crew, and inspired us all to shine both onstage and off. When she and Alex and I met last year ago to plot an enchanted forest engagement, I knew we were in for an adventure. We hit up a waterfall, and Ali rocked a yellow dress straight out of a fairytale. But their wedding was even better.

Their wedding day in July was searingly bright, located at Rock Creek Gardens in the South Puget Sound area. Ali's delicate feather hair clip and her golden shoes were the perfect details to start the day off. After a first look more romantic than any you'll see, the bridesmaids gathered their bouquets and the groomsmen lined up for an elegant ceremony filled with meaningful vows and smiles between tears. 

Ali and Alex surprised their guests with a choreographed waltz straight out of the Great Gatsby, and Ali and her dad broke into a dance that was more fun than anyone expected. The wedding guests were treated to a taco bar, and a three-tiered wedding cake that matched the vintage photo booth. As the sun went down, Ali, Alex and I snuck away for a few twilight pictures under twinkling lights, then headed back to the tent to dance the night away.


Katie + Brian: Golden Hour Enumclaw Engagement


Since day 1 of their dating days, I'd been dying to get these two in front of my camera. They are both ridiculously good-looking, but were the classic "ohhh we're so awkward on camera". Little did they know, they're actually the cutest pair both on-camera and off. When they got engaged, they couldn't avoid it any longer! 

Taking engagement photos at golden hour is one of my favorite times of day. All of the shadows grow long and the light gets warm and perfect. Not only does it bring out the most flattering tones, but it adds an extra-romantic vibe to the whole engagement session. 
Katie and Brian's style is just like their relationship: classic, simple, but most of all fun. We needed a location that would reflect not only that, but also go well with the warm, rustic decor throughout their Bonney Lake home when they printed their images. This open field in Enumclaw was the perfect location for their engagement session. The golden sun lit up the tall grass, and their constant giggles made for one of the most happiness-filled engagement sessions ever. 

After our session, we had to make a pit stop. Wally's burgers in Enumclaw is one of Katie and Brian's favorite stops, especially with their three boys in tow. This time though, it was just mom, dad, and some awesome shakes.


Stay tuned because Katie and Brian's courthouse wedding will be on the blog soon!

Kaila + Josh: Downtown Tacoma Wedding at Washington State History Museum


Kaila and Josh got married in downtown Tacoma, WA at the Washington State History Museum. I had the opportunity to take their engagement pictures last spring, only blocks from where their ceremony would be this summer. We met at a brewery on a drizzly day, and enjoyed all the cloudy vibes Tacoma had to offer. See the whole session here.

Kaila and Josh's wedding day was just the opposite, with bright sun followed by a gorgeous sunset. Their venue, Washington State History Museum, was decked out in black and gold details. We wandered down through the Chihuly Bridge of Glass toward the Port of Tacoma. Kaila rocked the most amazing tiered Maggie Sottero dress.  

Kaila and Josh's wedding ceremony was super family-oriented and so uniquely them. Kaila's dad even officiated! Washington State History Museum was an amazing venue to hold their event, and Kaila looked like a dream as she came down the terraced ceremony site. The whole scene was elegant and romantic as Josh and Kaila said their vows, with dozens of laughs along the way.

After the reception, we snuck out for some golden hour portraits on the Chihuly Bridge of Glass. With the cars rushing below, it was every wedding photographer's dream as the sun dipped lower in the sky. We headed back for some dancing, a bouquet toss, and a party that only Josh and Kaila could throw.

Read Kaila's testimony below:

By far the best! She did our engagement shoot as well as our recent wedding and we couldn't have been happier. She is professional, fun, and knows what she is doing! We loved our engagement photos and can't wait for our wedding photos. She will definitely be photographing all the important moments in our life together!