Capitol Hill Seattle Boudoir Session: Elise

Elise and I got together with her fiancé Nick and our awesome stylist friend Hunter for her engagement session last year, and I’m so excited she’s back for a boudoir session! We met at an amazing Airbnb in Capitol Hill, Seattle, that was filled with plants and the most dreamy light. I love finding new Airbnb spaces for boudoir and in-home sessions! Elise was such a gorgeous model and I’m sure she’ll be just as stunning on her wedding day!


Capitol Hill Boudoir Studio: Mackenzie

Mackenzie is not only a crossfit and yoga queen, she’s the sweetest thing and also a clean beauty advocate! Mackenzie’s husband Iver is an army medic, so we thought why not create something fun that can be special for them, but also celebrate Mackenzie’s awesomeness all by herself! We met at the boudoir studio in Capitol Hill, Seattle, for these high glamour shots that just scream old Hollywood to me.


Intimate in-Home Boudoir: Missy

For Missy’s boudoir session this winter, we wanted to mix it up with something fresh, yet cozy. When I saw the light in my bedroom that week, I thought YES! I’m all about decorating with as much white, clean space as possible, so she headed up to my little house north of Seattle for some understated, minimalism boudoir.


Seattle Yoga Boudoir: Kendall

While we’re on the topic of girl power (see previous post), Kendall’s bringing you a sexy Mother Nature moment with her yoga inspired boudoir set. We decided to head to one of Seattle’s gorgeous outdoor spaces on one of the hottest days of the year while she was up here visiting from San Diego. Kendall is a yoga instructor and avid rock climber originally from the Seattle area, and whenever she’s in town we love to get together to create some awesome boudoir work. For this session, we partnered with awesome local Seattle lingerie brand Salua Atelier, which you can shop for yourself down in Madison Park! Believe it or not, Kendall and I actually met when we worked together at Jimmy John’s in college! You can check out more of her yoga adventures at her website,!


Leanne: Lacy Seattle Boudoir

One of the best things about boudoir photography is the sense of empowerment it can bring you. That was 100% the move with Leanne’s session in Pioneer Square. This mama (literally she has an 8 year old, talk about goals), was fierce from the moment she hopped in front of the lens. These pictures were just for her, to celebrate the amazing woman that she is. Seeing her own it from the first frame was inspiring, and I can’t wait to work with her again!


Kendall: Yoga Inspired Boudoir

After two beyond amazing yoga-inspired boudoir sessions with Kendall, I'm pretty sure we're about to make this a bi-annual event. Kendall is a yoga instructor based out of San Diego, and when she makes it up to Seattle, its boudoir time! One thing that I love about boudoir sessions is that you have the opportunity to make it totally your own. For Kendall, that means embracing her inner yogi and bringing some seriously sexy vibes to our boudoir session. Don't worry, you don't need to be able to perform a handstand to have a fire boudoir session. But it sure doesn't hurt!


Zoey: Romantic Lace-Inspired Boudoir

Hanging out with Zoey to create this boudoir set for her fiancé was a blast in a glass. Literally, because nothing makes boudoir more fun than a bottle of wine. Boudoir is one of the most fun and memorable experiences of an engagement season, but its not just for brides-to-be! Anyone who wants to celebrate what they've got going on should look into what boudoir has to offer!

70s inspired boudoir


In my family line-up, I'm the oldest, but if I wasn't, this lady would be my big sister. Halani has been around since I was about 5 or 6 to tell me about things like how to highlight your hair (sun in or lemons), what to do at sleepovers (watch elimidate, duh), and even gave me the first thong I ever owned (WOMANHOOD WAHOO). Which brings us perfectly to the topic of this session. Halani is getting married in September! We captured these pictures at my first-ever boudoir session and hey, it turns out that we're both naturals. Pretty sure her fiancee is going to flip when he sees these beauties. I know I would!