Lake Entiat Family Session: Roll Family

After getting to photograph my pal Erica’s wedding in Wenatchee this weekend, I got to work with her sister’s family the next day! We found a super secluded spot on Lake Entiat near Orondo, WA. Our families have been going to Orondo to camp, drink, and boat for years on years on years. Their family actually has property up there, and they finished building a house last year! Its crazy to see how far their land has come since it was a run-down pig farm decades ago. Now its our little oasis from the west side rain :)

Both Riley (baby) and Matt (adult man) weren’t so sure about having their pictures taken again after having to pose for family portraits all weekend. I promised Halani no matter how fussy people got, we would get a full gallery and we would make it snappy. I always try to accommodate the needs of my clients, even when I’ve known them for 23 years, and when those needs meet time = of the essence. I think we did a pretty amazing job considering Riley had an atomic blowout halfway through. Huge thanks to her aunt Angela for all the wrangling she did for this session!


We Love You Hershey: Rylee + Andrew

So, a bit of a sad story, but one we can celebrate too. Rylee and I had been in touch about potentially doing a session for her and her boyfriend, Andrew - they’ve been together for 5 years! But when her precious chocolate lab, Hershey, was diagnosed with cancer, we knew it was time to capture some memories ASAP. These two had an amazing 12 years of friendship - wow I’m getting choked up just writing this. Pets are so special you guys. And Andrew and Rylee are pretty special too :)


Seattle Branding Session: Addie

One of my favorite things about being a photographer is having clients that become friends, who refer me to their friends, who then become my clients, and then my friends! And the cycle continues. Addie is one of such people, I met her through my friend Hunter, who has been doing my hair for 9 years (I think)! Addie is an amazing Seattle foliage specialist - if you have a crap ton of hair, she can make you look more natural than a balayage and more bright than a foil! She’s a master!

Since opening her own business, Addie has been hard at work getting her branding flawlessly cohesive, and we needed some photo content that would compliment her new website. This is our first branding session, featuring two of her best friends. How fabulous is their hair?

Bluff Top Trail Maternity Session: Nina + Stevie

Last time I was down in Southern California, I had the opportunity to do a maternity session with the adorable Nina and Stevie, who were getting ready to welcome their baby girl, Eve! We met at the arches at the Bluff Top Point Trail one of the foggiest days I have ever seen in my life! We couldn’t see the ocean at all when we met that morning, but as the day went on, it did clear a bit. Bluff Top Trail is right near Dana Point in Orange County, and is part of a huge historical site from when Dana Point Harbor first started up! The houses were gorgeous, but the views of Dana Point were even better (when the fog wasn’t blocking them!) After the Bluff Top Trail, we headed down to Dana Point Harbor itself, and then made a quick pit stop down at Baby Beach (perfectly named for the occasion). Since this session, baby Eve has made her arrival and is as sweet as could be! Congrats Nina and Stevie!


Auburn Newborn Session: Peyton Kari

Little Miss Peyton is finally here! I photographed her parents wedding at Rosehill Community Center back in 2014, and four years later, here she is! Sam and Nick, her parents, adopted the darling and fluffy Dallas in that time frame, and he’s pictured below as well. Peyton is such a little cutie! I had an extended family session with Sam and Nick this December and Peyton managed to look at the camera in just about every shot!


Mommy and Me Session: Emily + Addie

So even though 99% of my work is weddings, engagements, and boudoir, its still fun to catch a curve ball and do a little mommy and me session when the opportunity arises. I am so inspired by moms like Emily who want to give their kids the world and document the beauty of it all along the way. I personally am super close with my mom, and I would give anything to have a session like this to look back on. Girl power, mom power, lady power, whatever ya got. Let’s get together to capture the magic. And if grandpa wants to get in there too (like at this session), the more the merrier!

PS have you EVER seen such an angel? This little one is the cutest!!

Maple Valley Family Session: Freeman Family

Mackenzie, oldest daughter in the Freeman family, reached out to me about doing a family session last fall. They live in Maple Valley, the little town 45 minutes south-east of Seattle where I grew up. Maple Valley is a quaint but growing suburb that sits just out of the shadow of Mount Rainier, in the foothills of the Cascade mountains. She asked if I had any close to home ideas for locations, and an idea popped into my mind. Even though my family has lived in Maple Valley for over 20 years, my parents recently bought a little patch of land out by Issaquah-Hobart Road. They actually just broke ground on the foundation, and big things are happening! But back when Mackenzie and I first chatted, it was just a golden patch of grass with a few trees, and some flowers. The perfect Maple Valley location, with no errant pedestrians in sight. Hopefully once the house is built, there will be enough space for many family sessions to come. Maybe even one of mine :)


Tacoma Newborn Session: Riley Mae

Little Riley!! We had been waiting for you for what felt like forever! I have known Riley’s mom, Halani, since she was seven years old. You can even check her out in my boudoir section! She and her husband Matt moved down to Tacoma before getting married, and we met down there at their house to get some shots of little miss Riley at 3 weeks old. She might have been pretty fussy, but we got some sleepy poses out of her anyway! Can’t believe this big girl is over 6 months old now!


The Herzogs: Winter in Style

When you’ve got kids in tow, the MO is the quicker, the better. The Herzog family met me in Seattle for a mini session and even though you can’t tell in the pictures, it was only about 32 degrees! With these little cuties though, I had my work cut out for me. How sweet are everyone’s coats? I’m also in love with McKenna’s white boots. I do still have space for some fall and winter family sessions, so shoot me an email today to get yours booked before Christmas!

Smith Family: Discovery Park Family Session

If you're a part of the Seattle blogger world, you know about Obsessed by Portia. This flax haired, travel oriented mama is the resident expert on all things vacation and style. We captured the end of summer in this golden session in Discovery Park in Seattle. 

I absolutely love doing family sessions during the lazy days of summer in a fun, open place where kids can just run around and be kids. Family portrait sessions in the park are the perfect way to capture all the joy of the age that your little one at the age they are in the moment. Not to mention, how about updating those walls? Images created at family portrait sessions are the perfect opportunity to update the decor in your home, to reflect the love and joy that you share every day.

Canvases, prints, and albums are all available to order right from your online gallery when you book a family session. Shipped straight to your door, the process couldn't be easier. Don't let these short, sweet days slip by without taking the time to record just how special they are.


Missy: Rattlesnake Ridge Yoga in North Bend

Missy: Rattlesnake Ridge Yoga in North Bend

When Missy hit me up about doing a yoga session somewhere fun, I instantly was like YEP. Missy teaches kids yoga and is soon headed to Guatemala to study permaculture. She's one of those people that you can talk to for hours, even if you haven't known each other long. Her website will be coming soon, so stay tuned if you're looking for an awesome yoga practice for kids of any age.

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BreeAnna: Seattle Summer Portrait Session

Being a photographer can lead you to meet some pretty awesome people, especially other photographers! After chatting in our photo groups, BreeAnna and I decided it was pretty imperative that we at least grab coffee, since we're both cats-and-europe loving 20-something photographers. We met near the University district and of course managed to grab a few shots of each other - let me tell you its a weird feeling to be on the other side of the lens! This gorgeous girl on the other hand, photographs like a breeze :)

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Bianca: Pioneer Square Style Session

Let me tell ya bout my best frieeennndddd... from sorority sisters to roommates to coworkers and everything in between, the last seven years with this girl has been a wild ride. Its so much fun to be a photographer when your best friend is photogenic af. To celebrate her new job at Seven Haircare, we trounced around pioneer square and appreciated all the bomb ass textures. Got some total coven vibes, but w a bff this fierce you're kinda just like k murder me.