Katie + Brian: Seattle City Hall

Last year, Katie had the whole big wedding planned for March 2018. One day in July, she called me up and said "I'm canceling everything. We're going to the courthouse". I about jumped for joy because I LOVE the Seattle courthouse and I am also a huge fan of super intimate weddings. There's something so special about having just your closest family and friends around you as you make the most personal promises of your life. 

Katie and Brian's Seattle Courthouse wedding was on the sunniest day in September, and it started at their home in Bonney Lake that they share with their three boys, Madden, Kasen and Parker. Cashew the fat orange cat was also part of the fun. Katie had written a special letter for her son Madden, and it was the sweetest moment. 

On the Seattle courthouse rooftop, the entire Puget Sound was stretched out glittering all the way to the Olympics. The skyline shone gold and a breeze was in the air. Then, you guys, ring. bears. Not ring-bearers. See for yourselves. I about died.

After some very special vows, we explored the city before Katie and Brian's reception. The whole day, you could just feel the genuine love they have for each other and their total excitement to finally be married. I'm so excited to see where the future takes them and their families.