Tarah + Zach: Franklin Falls Engagement Session

Tarah, Zach and I met up on what turned out to be a super chilly morning this fall. As fate would have it, Tarah won a session giveaway (follow on insta for future giveaways!), and Zach proposed that weekend! Their proposal was at the top of a stunning mountain-peak hike, so we knew we had to find something amazing to keep on-track with their adventurous themed engagement season. 

As we chattered our way up to the falls, we talked about how we had crossed paths. Tarah and I went to high school together, and Zach and I had lived across the street from each other in college. But they didn't even meet until we all had returned from college! Now these two love nothing more than heading out with their hiking boots and coming home to their adorable cats.

Franklin Falls is one of the most sought-after hikes on the I-90 corridor, and it was as crowded as you would expect on a sunny Sunday. We dodged the freezing cold spray and several squirrely kids to get some shots that reflected the excitement and romance these two have for each other. I love how they share a passion for the outdoors, and wish them a zillion more years of exploring together.