The Edgewater House Wedding: Matt + Jordan

THIS. FREAKING. WEDDING. YOU. GUYS. You know that feeling before a big presentation at work, where you just want to pour your heart and soul into the project and have it go perfectly? Combine that with preparing for a huge, special family holiday. That’s how I feel before every single wedding I shoot. I truly want every little moment to go off without a hitch, from the lighting at the ceremony, to the details, to the last dance. Jordan and Matt are such a caring, sweet couple, and I was feeling all those feelings right before their wedding at the Edgewater House in Olalla, WA.

The Edgewater House is one of those venues where every other moment you just say “YESSS” to yourself. Both Jordan and Matt were able to get ready with their wedding party at the Edgewater House, because it provides suites for both groups. A gentle breeze blew through off the Puget Sound, keeping the July heat at bay. Jordan and Matt kept their guests entertained with lawn games, a photo booth, and of course, a dance party. Oh my god the SPEECHES at this wedding I just about died. I cry at every wedding, but the words of their friends just rang so true and heartfelt it was beyond touching.

If you’re considering the Edgewater House for your wedding, hit me up! I’ll be clamoring to get back to that gorgeous venue as often as possible.