Lopez Island Engagement Session: Kelsey + Todd

Kelsey and Todd’s session was a heavy hitter when it came to personal touches. They chose to take there ferry up to Lopez Island, where Kelsey’s family has lived for generations. From the ferry, we drove to the tiny church on a hill where her grandparents attended. Once we got to her family’s beach, we explored high and low, including her grandfather’s old tractor.

When planning your engagement session, try and reflect on two things: 1. What type of location is going to speak to you as a couple, your personalities, your past, and your future. 2. What do you want pictures of on your wall in 10 years. Whether thats a rustic, urban area in downtown Seattle, a rainy, misty field on the east side, your own cozy living room, or a sunny island, these pictures will surround you for years to come. Make them as personal as possible.