Jenna + Taylor: Wahclella Falls Engagement Shoot

Jenna, Taylor and I met several years ago in college at Washington State. They now live outside of Portland in Vancouver in the cutest little house on the block. For their engagement session, we knew we needed to find a place that was something extra special. Wahclella Falls, about 40 minutes outside of Portland, was the perfect spot for their engagement session. Wahclella Falls is just a short hike from the trailhead, and its not too far before you reach some stunning views. 

Some couples might be concerned about whether or not they can get a sunny day for their session. As you can see, no sun is needed for a super romantic session, especially with such a stunning location like Wahclella Falls. We even got a little misty when we were down at the base of the falls but it only added to the romantic feelings of the day. 

After we explored the falls, we walked down the trail and discovered the cutest little river scene. Jenna led the way, and we saw some mini-waterfalls that we couldn't resist. On our way out we saw a river that also looked great - it was freezing cold but Jenna and Taylor were up for the challenge! Afterward, we decided that a stop at Burgerville was in order. Have you guys heard of this place? I would die for one up in Seattle. Seriously one of the best burgers I've ever had. Between the burgers and the waterfalls, I would say that another trip toward Portland is in the works.