Alameda Island Engagement: Dustin + Savannah

Perks/Pitfalls of having a photographer for a best friend: You’re going to end up with multiple engagement sessions. Ever since California stole Savannah from me in 2013, it has been her home. She and Dustin are currently residing in the CUTEST town of Alameda (seriously google it. every house looks like it was designed by a victorian birdhouse maker). When I was down there in May for the Taylor Swift concert (should I blog the 15,000 photos we made Dustin take of us pre-concert??) we knew we had to spend at least one morning running around documenting their love in their own little corner of the world. What you see here is the Alameda waterfront and the naval base on Alameda. It was searingly bright, and Savannah rocked the silk white dress of my photographer dreams.

We’re starting off this photo stack with some solos of Savannah because like come on. My best friend is an absolute goddess. And if you think I’m waxing poetic in this post, you should have heard my maid of honor speech. I’m a fangirl. Dustin’s pretty much the only guy on earth good enough for her. And trust me, he's the shit.

Another note on the dress: wearing a white dress to your engagement shoot is a genius move. It gives you the opportunity to wear something a little less formal, and fully pour your personality into it. For Savannah, that meant long wavy tresses and a leather jacket. You’re a bride after all! Bride out as much as possible.


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