Savannah + Dustin: In-Home Seattle Engagement

HIDDEN. HILL. Is there any place more magical on Earth? Spoiler: there ain't. Savannah (tall golden goddess, possessor of perfect handwriting, and my very best friend in the world) grew up here, and by proxy, I did too. Hidden Hill is her charming childhood home on Shadow Lake, near Maple Valley, WA. We spent countless hours bouncing around on the old trampoline, chasing chickens in the back yard, and even making igloos on snow days. Every corner of Hidden Hill has a little spark of magic or mystery, whether its the tiniest decorative chair tucked in a windowsill, or a collection of toy rats over the water filter. It was the perfect place for adventures to begin. And what better setting for Savannah and Dustin's first engagement session. Yes I did two. Sorry but she's my best friend and I'm obsessed with her face.

I won't wax too much more poetic on Savannah and Dustin, 1. because I'll cry in this coffee shop and 2. because I'm saving it for my maid of honor speech. Let's just say when you find someone as perfect for you as Savannah and Dustin are for each other, you marry them. Like instantly. I don't know how these two have lasted this long without getting married honestly. Its been like 4 years. 5 WEEKS TIL MY FAVORITES GET MARRIEEDDDD.