Paige + Ty: Bellingham Engagement Session

Holy SMOKES - how is everyone else handling this hazy summer? Not being able to go outside much right now is absolutely killing me. I'm ready to run away to a smoke free zone! Anyone know of any? Who's got an extra couch? Honestly I'm even scared to let my cats outside, just imagining their little cat lungs and all this toxicity! Fire season needs to not be a thing. Summers were like the last good thing about Seattle!

This wedding season has been completely wild, as you may be able to tell. Emails are taking a little longer to respond to these days, and I'm sorry for that! Wedding season is kind of just a hang-on-to-your-britches til end of September time. I'm pretty much in a black hole of editing from here until Halloween. Speaking of which, my plan right now is to dress up as a sexy version of the Dude from The Big Lebowski. No one copy me. Or do, and send me pictures! 

The next wedding up for delivery belongs to these two, so what better time to share their engagement session? We met up in Bellingham and wandered all over the Chuckanut Drive area. Bellingham was gorgeous, and we only got rained on for a fraction of the session. And if you know me, you know I love a few drips here and there to add to the romance. 

One thing Bellingham does better than just about anywhere else on the west coast is an edge-of-the-world vibe. You can totally see it here as Paige and Ty look out across Samish Bay. With the wind whipping against the rocks and the trees swaying, we were able to create the quintessential Pacific Northwest romance session. 

Its been my goal to spend some more time this fall up north near Bellingham, the Chuckanuts, and Samish bay. Leave a comment below if you have any recommendations for some up-north activities!

Love always,