Jordan + Matt: Alki Beach Engagement

Happy Friday everyone! Was it just me or did this week fly by? It must have been since it was a four-day work week after Memorial Day. I was lucky enough to hang out in Palm Springs with some of my best friends this last weekend. It was a weekend of 100 degree weather, Italian food, hard sparkling water (Have you guys tried those? Holy shit they're deadly in the best way), and copious amounts of sunscreen. 

Coming at ya on the blog today is Jordan and Matt's engagement session from last fall. Yeaaaah I'm obviously a little behind on the blogging train :) These two got started on Alki Beach, not far from their house where they live with the cutest little dog and kitten. We were hoping for some Seattle skyline views, but we actually got some super romantic fog instead. I am ALL ABOUT fog for engagement sessions. Maybe I'm biased, but Seattle can be home to some damn good fog. The sun did come say hello toward the end of our session together, once we headed up the hill from Alki to Hamilton Viewpoint to pop some champagne.

Jordan and Matt have the kind of connection where you can tell that underneath it all, they're the best of friends. Whether they're rooting on the cougs together or appreciating all Alki has to offer, its obvious they always have the best time. I can't wait for their wedding at Edgewater in Gig Harbor next month!