Janie + Francis: Mount Si Engagement

Hey guys! (Why do I always feel like a youtuber when I start a post that way?) Summer is just about underway and of course in Seattle that means surprise rain. I am so ready for it to be hot and miserable for a few months! Am I the only one who secretly loves being in a sweaty tank top driving around with the AC on? Either way, I'm headed to LA next month so its sure to be a scorcher down there.

This last weekend was the first big boy weekend for my wedding season. Two weddings as lead photographer, and my associate BreeAnna down in Enumclaw taking care of a third! The first of the weekend was Janie and Francis, who powered through the rain with style and grace. Their engagement session on the other hand, was a misty, sunny paradise. Their gallery seriously looked like they were ready to start an indie folk duo. If you add their adorable dogs to the mix, you've got a family band.

Janie, Francis, the dogs and I all met in North Bend so we could catch the alpenglow of Mount Si. Mount Si has become an increasingly popular request from my couples in the past year. The key to an awesome Mount Si session? You've gotta know all the secret spots :) Sometimes that involves a little extra driving (over massive potholes), or narrowly avoiding a giant elk herd (typical North Bend problems), but as you can see, in the end its worth it.

Have you ever spent any time in North Bend or hiking Mount Si? Mailbox Peak is forever the popular girl but Little Si is another favorite of mine. Comment your favorite North Bend hike if you have one to recommend!