Joshua Tree Engagement: Amber + Scott

Finally blogging one of my favorite sessions of the year! This was Memorial Day Weekend in Joshua Tree State Park, just outside of Palm Springs. Joshua Tree has become a huge destination for photography, and you can see why. This Joshua Tree blog post is about to be twice as long as any other blog post, images wise.

Also, spoilers, Amber and Scott aren’t actually engaged yet. I have no idea how we’re actually going to top Joshua Tree when Scott buys the ring.

Since I usually am shooting up in the Pacific Northwest, getting to shoot in somewhere as drastically different as Joshua Tree was like a breath of fresh air (as if one could ever find a fresher breath of air than one from the PNW, but you get the idea). The landscape just provided so many visually interesting options. Plus Amber and Scott are INSANELY photogenic. Pretty sure I could sell these pictures to a perfume company. How does “Desert” sound for the brand? Too on the nose?

I also had about the dumbest moment while driving in. I said “these trees are so interesting, I wonder what kind they are!” Amber goes “…they’re Joshua Trees….” like OKAY Lindsey good normal brain.

Okay all you Palm Springs/Los Angeles/Southern California brides! You better get at me cause I am DYING to go back to this golden paradise!